Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I wanna giveway

I hope to win this awesome giveaway to learn some great new photography skills. Wish me luck and cross your fingers. What an amazing experience this would be!!!!!!
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Monitor!!!

I'm so excited I can finally read my computer. For all of you who didn't know my screen used to suck and I would have to wait forever to even see what was on the dang thing, that is why I put blogging on the back burner. But now all is great and I got a pretty cool new monitor and it looks sweet. So hopefully I can blog more often, and if not ... I'll need a better excuse.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We had a fun hiking trip up Donut Falls and Big Cottonwood last weekend. Evan loved it, he thought it was so cool to be walking with his head at my level. It was a nice get away and fun for all of us, Except Kev said the pack didn't do well for my boobs, He was right I looked about 60 years older.

This is my brave adventure , This log stretched over the river and it seems low but kev zoomed in. It was a lot of fun to cross.

And after a long days hike Ev sacked out in his daddy's hat

Five Generations

this is pretty cool, In my family we have Five living generations my great grandpa is 83 then my gramps then my mom then me and Evan. We have had this going on for almost seven years when my sis had her first baby. I think it is so neat to see so many similarities in all of us and we are truly blessed to have such a huge living family. I guess having kids young paid of for my family. It was so amazing to see Evans great great Grandpa hold him !

Thursday, July 10, 2008

my excuse

So in case anyone is wondering why i haven't blogged .. 1- I have been way busy, no excuse considering all you new moms and 2- my computer is a piece of crap! you have to wait forever to get a clear enough screen to use it and I'm too impatient. So i just posted four things so dig in and I will do my best to check out all your blogs and I'm so excited to see them

Family PHOTO time

Lucky Dog

We got a new dog about 1 month ago and we couldn't be happier with him. His name is Lucky Burningham and he is a 16 month old Yellow lab. He is Evan's best friend. Evan holds on to him when we go for walks, they go side by side. Evan will stand at the back door and watch him all day and if he leaves, he cries... It soooo cute. Here is a picture of the newest family member


So here they are, the pics from our wedding. The day was wonderful and we had such a blast. It turned out so great, the photographer was awesome and the minister was cool too. We had a Hawaiian style ceremony where we exchanged leis, they blew the conch shell and said a prayer spoken in Hawaiian... so cool! But because all weddings have to have stress it was pretty nuts getting to the wedding. With Kev not felling well and us not being able to find the wedding spot, which was crazy, we finally had a wedding that went smoothly and beautifully. The weather was perfect too and there was hardly anyone on the beach, which created a perfect romantic atmosphere. We are so glad we were able to go and enjoy our private little wedding. But for everyone who wasn't there, really... everyone, we brought back a pretty awesome video of the whole thing to share. I can't believe we really got married in Hawaii!!! And we're so glad we did, what a great memory.

Our time on Oahu

Every one has been asking to see pics from our Hawaii trip so even though it was a month ago, I figured what better way. We had a blast. Our hotel was in Waikiki and we had a fun room with a great view of the ocean and Diamond Head volcano crater it was awesome. We toured a lot and spent a lot of time on the north shore (you know, where the surf competitions are). Our favorite things were the Polynesian Cultural Center (please if you visit Oahu..GO!!!) they do a fun luau and a great show, and Pearl Harbor, it was so peaceful and amazing. There is evidence in our pics that we surfed, I was better than I thought and course Kev was good, that was a great time but oh we were tired. We also boogie boarded, snorkeled (which I didn't love so much...Fish ahh!!) And ate great food. The Dole Plantation had great pinnapple ice cream. We hiked a beautiful waterfall in a botanical garden which was probably the most lush place I have ever seen, but most of all we relaxed on the beach and enjoyed our surroundings. In the end 10 days was just enough time to have a blast and be ready to come home to our baby and good old Utah.